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Steprite Footwear

Buchanan Orthotics is one of the largest suppliers of Orthotics in Scotland, providing both the NHS and private patients with a full range of orthotic products. A long established bespoke footwear and orthoses manufacturer, Buchanans have utilised this expertise to develop our Steprite range of modular footwear, which is designed in conjunction with our clinical team to provide a range of footwear with patient satisfaction at the heart of their design. We believe that every patient should have access to comfortable and fashionable orthotic footwear.

Since its introduction, the Steprite range has been very successful, and our designers are constantly updating colours, leathers and introducing new styles to allow more patient choice. Design and function are at the core of the Steprite range which has helped make Steprite footwear a popular choice for clinicians and patients across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

If you are a practitioner, please fill out and return our order form. If you wish to buy a pair of Steprite footwear, please contact us. We offer private orthotic assessments in Glasgow.


Our selection of Ladies & Gents Footwear features popular classics, casual shoes, trainers and boots. Steprite footwear is manufactured using CADCAM design software and 3D scanning to provide accurate and quality fitting. Along with providing modular footwear, the appropriate styles are also available as Bespoke footwear.

Ladies Clinical Footwear

Bespoke Footwear

We have been manufacturing Bespoke Footwear for over 50 years and supply customers across the UK and Ireland with both simple and complex made to measure footwear. Bespoke Footwear can be manufactured from measures, casts and impressions and we laisse with clinicians to ensure the patient is supplied with footwear which allows them to regain mobility and get back on their feet.



Buchanan Orthotics provide a full range of Custom Foot Orthotics. We use CADCAM technology to provide accurate and repeatable insoles. Insoles are fully custom made to either cast or impression box, and must be accompanied by a completed insoles specification form. There is a variety of adaptions available, and our technicians are ready to discuss any further requirements. We can supply a sample swatch of materials on request, and are happy to offer support and training where required.