Steprite shoes

Bespoke Footwear

All Steprite styles can be made to bespoke specifications.

For addition of insoles please note that no allowance is built in for Insoles/ TCI's/FFO's.

In the event that insoles/TCI's/FFO's have to be incorporated into the footwear and are NOT being made by our technicians,the allowance required for accommodation MUST be supplied with the footwear.

If outline of feet are of different lengths, please state whether the footwear is to be made the same length for both feet or if different lengths are required.

We are always happy to make footwear to casts if patients have difficult feet to draft. Please, however, supply measures and boot lengths if applicable.

Please order a plain upper style for the patients first pair so the correct fitting can be established. I.e. Austin and Houston are problematic due to their complicated patterns.

Some additional styles more suitable for bespoke manufacture are shown below.

Three eyelet derby shoe with plain vamps.

Three eyelet derby shoe with semi-brogue design.

Five eyelet derby shoe with plain vamps, micro platform sole.

Derby boot with padded collars (depth of collar optional, 25mm -50mm).

Desert boot with optional turn down collar or padded collar.

Two eyelet derby shoe with low entry and mock apron stitch design, two tone material option.

Strap and buckle fastening, sandal style shoe, two tone material optional, 072 lightweight micro sole and heel.

Golosh lorne boot with padded collar, no side seams.

Open to toe derby boot with padded collar, depth variable 25mm - 50mm, velcro fastening.

Derby boot with deep padded collar to cushion ankle bones, 072 lightweight microsole and heel.

Low opening derby shoe with padded collar, sole as OTIS but with cutaway waist.

Derby ankle boot with padded collar and twin velcro strap fasten, lightweight TCR commando sole unit.

Low open derby shoe with padded collar, twin velcro strap fastening, platform micro sole unit cutaway at waist and heel with ribbed stick on sole on top.

Derby shoe with velcro strap fastening, padded collar, new lightweight micro deep ribbed sole, affording more flexibility and bounce.