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Insoles & Plastic Orthoses

Buchanan Orthotics provides a full range of custom functional foot orthoses and total contact insoles with an extensive range of additions allowing insoles tailored to each individual.

Our highly skilled technicians and professional expertise provides a great service and product range. Our customer service team is also on hand to provide any support or information required.

CAD CAM technology is used to allow accurate and repeatable insoles manufactured according to the prescription given by the professional.

All insole styles are fully custom made to the cast or impression box sent in with a completed insole specification form. Any required modification can be undertaken by our technicians and then transformed to the milling machine to carve out the shell style required. Any additions and top covers will then be added to complete the desired Orthotics insole.

We understand that it is important to take into consideration each individual's needs, therefore there is an extensive range of materials available to ensure exact specification is recieved.


Total Contact Insoles

We manufacture total contact insoles to your own specification and in a choice of materials with varying degrees of density. However, if no preference is given, our standard is:

Base Layer: 3mm MED EVA
Mid Layer: 3mm PINK PORON
Top Cover: Leather

When ordering TCI's and footwear a negative cast or impression box should accompany the order to enable us to achieve a perfect fit.



We manufacture functional foot orthotics to your specifications from casts or impression boxes.

Our FFO's are available in a variety of materials, for example, EVA, carbon fibre or polypropylene.

Additions and modifications to our FFO's are made exactly to your specification.

Plastic Orthoses

Plastic Orthoses

We manufacture the full range of plastic orthoses.


Illustration shows paediatric AFO with transfers and window.